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See No Evil

The new year is here and it’s already great. I knew it would be great when I overslept (thanks to an iPhone alarm glitch). Stumbling out of bed in the dark, I rushed to the shower and almost immediately struck my foot on an immoveable object—the bathroom scale. Like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie […]

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Back Away

    There is probably no more frustrating problem for patients and physicians alike as persistent low back pain. For most people with back pain resuming their activity quickly, taking occasional muscle relaxants and acetaminophen, gets them back on their feet in no time. When back pain becomes persistent, it’s not unusual that patients become […]

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Simply Sinus

A have a nephew that’s fond of saying, “Oh, that blows!,” when hearing bad news; especially involving him. However, it makes me think of patients complaining of sinus pressure or pain, asking for antibiotics to help make them feel better. Since Fall is beginning and head colds will be around the corner, what helps in […]

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