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Making a List and Checking It Twice

Looking through the open cockpit door as I boarded a Southwest flight, I noticed the pilot and copilot huddled over a clipboard. I had plenty of time to watch; a delay in boarding caused by a passenger trying to shove a steamer trunk into an overhead bin caused our line to grind to a halt. […]

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Hear No Evil

Is it possible to change one’s thoughts? According to one author, it’s not only possible but is the most effective, dramatic way to positively change our behavior. Spencer Lord, writing in his new book “The Brain Mechanic,” explains that cognitive behavioral therapy helps us understand how we can control our response to stressful events. As he […]

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Care Package

“So what do you think about the government’s healthcare changes?” I get this question almost everyday from patients—either just curious about my view, or sincerely worried about their ability obtaining care in the future. Like most, I partly paid attention, during the legislative phase, to pundits on news programs, or skimmed through industry emails and […]

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