Hear No Evil

The Brain Mechanic

Is it possible to change one’s thoughts?

According to one author, it’s not only possible but is the most effective, dramatic way to positively change our behavior. Spencer Lord, writing in his new book “The Brain Mechanic,” explains that cognitive behavioral therapy helps us understand how we can control our response to stressful events. As he explains, the emotion we feel about an event stems from the beliefs we’ve formed in our minds.

It’s that inner voice in our heads. For instance, running late for work and finding traffic tied up for blocks, does your inner voice become upset and blame the event for causing you to be late? More importantly, do you feel anger, stress and feel your blood pressure going through the roof? As the author points out, these emotions stem from the most primitive part of our brains—the amygdala. This brain center causes us to “flight or fight” our way out of a potentially harmful situation.

We can’t control that first response, but we can acknowledge it for what it is and where it’s coming from. But that’s only the first step. Next, we replace the irrational belief that’s formed in our minds with a more helpful and healthy belief. We replace the traffic jam stressful thought with a new voice telling us the delay will cause other unknown wondrous events to occur in our day. Or maybe the delay prevented us from being part of the accident ahead. These new beliefs lower our blood pressure and stress response, replacing them with healthy ways to adapt to events beyond our control.

But wait, there’s more. The more we practice—yes, it does take repeated practice—the more we are physically changing the neural pathways responsible for how our brains respond. Over time, it’s possible to permanently change our internal connections, allowing us to handle any stressful event with positive emotions and responses. Imagine how you’ll feel when you no longer fear stressful events and are able to respond in ways that make you stronger and more resilient.

This year let’s learn to manage that voice that speaks to all of us and demand it leave us stronger, happier and able to lead more balanced lives.

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