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Painful Progress

The problem with pain is that it is what we say it is. One patient may rate their pain a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the absolute worse), while a similar patient with similar pain may rate theirs as a two. And there is no objective way to tell […]

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When I’m 64

“Will you still see me next year?” Her question threw me, as I thought the visit had gone well. She’s been my patient for the past four years. She originally came to me when her earlier physician decided to join a concierge practice. His new medical practice doesn’t take insurance and patients pay cash if they […]

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Care Package

“So what do you think about the government’s healthcare changes?” I get this question almost everyday from patients—either just curious about my view, or sincerely worried about their ability obtaining care in the future. Like most, I partly paid attention, during the legislative phase, to pundits on news programs, or skimmed through industry emails and […]

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