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Keeping the Madmen Healthy

Could it get any better at the top? Corporate executives seemingly have many perks; private jets, golf club memberships, and events held at exotic locations. Companies and their boards justify these perks, due to the stresses and strains of the job and the need to keep their top executives healthy; otherwise these companies risks declining […]

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The Doctor Will See You NOW!

If you’re looking for the front door of a hospital and assume it’s under the grand awning, straddled by ornate Corinthian columns and under a brightly lit sign reading “St. Elsewhere,” you’d be wrong. Most hospital administrators might not like to admit it, but the front door is really through the emergency room. By far, […]

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Costs of Care

“What am I going to do now Doc?” asked Mike, a down on his luck, 29 year–old recently unemployed truck driver, as he handed me his hospital bill. Mike was seen at our local emergency department on a Friday evening with complaints of indigestion. Earlier that day he and his wife Susan celebrated their second […]

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