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A Tip of Our CAHPS to Coming Clean in America

Are hospitals coming clean? An article just published in Health Affairs reveals details of a government–required survey conducted in 2008 and 2009. The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey or CAHPS (thank goodness for acronyms!) is required of all hospitals receiving and hoping to continue to receive federal funding. Analysts compared CAHPS […]

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The Gift*

We can still remember that first anatomy class in medical school. Everything up to that point was abstract—on paper, or PowerPoint, or plastic laminate “mnemonic” cards—all intended to plug gaps in our medical knowledge. Professors stood in front and tried to help us connect the dots of Krebs’s cycles, Korotkoff’s sounds, or how to classify […]

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Care Package

“So what do you think about the government’s healthcare changes?” I get this question almost everyday from patients—either just curious about my view, or sincerely worried about their ability obtaining care in the future. Like most, I partly paid attention, during the legislative phase, to pundits on news programs, or skimmed through industry emails and […]

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