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Doctors 5 Minute Health Fix

It’s great when you can find a resource on healthcare that is quick and fun to read while still giving valid and scientifically sound advice. I recently came across “The Doctors 5—Minute Health Fixes,” which fits all these criteria. It’s a compilation of healthy tips and ideas from four physicians that host “The Doctors,” a cable show rapidly gaining a wide audience. Their goal, stated in their book, is to help all of us live ‘healthier and longer.’

I found the health tidbits alone worth the price of the book. Who knew (according to Italian researchers) that eating a small amount of dark chocolate for 15 days would lower blood pressure and help prevent diabetes? Mama Mia! Hersheys anyone? That’s the beauty and fun found in the book; great suggestions followed by numbers that tie in the latest research. No more boring and dry medical terminology—medical mumbo-jumbo—but fun with medical facts. Another one I like; drop one unhealthy snack from our diets and substitute a piece of fruit and 6,000 fewer folks will die from cardiovascular disease each year.

They design their advice to help us fix our current or future health by doing things that literally take five minutes. These docs recognize we all lead hectic lives; keeping tips short and sweet are more successful than asking us to give up an hour or more a day. They give nuts and bolts; how to accurately take your blood pressure at home; how adding a 1/2 teaspoon of butter to your white bread keeps your blood sugar stable; how to take your resting pulse rate; and another favorite of mine, why taking a vacation each year lowers our risk of heart disease by 32 percent.

This is another fascinating book I’m highly recommending to pass along to family and friends. It’s packed full of suggestions, that if known earlier, might have given us many more healthy years. As we start recovering from our collective depression over the great recession, we need a great way to kick off the Fall season and decide how we live the rest of our lives.

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