Vitamin D

Your vitamin D level is important for your overall health. Once thought to be related just to the strength of your bones, we now know high levels can inhibit the growth of certain tumors, reduce the risk of fractures, decrease the risk of heart attacks, and improve depression. Current research indicates the previous recommended daily allowance of 4oo IU (International Units) may be too low. Newer recommendations are for most adults to have at least 2,000 IU daily. Blood levels of vitamin D that are less that 40 ng/mL are considered as significant for vitamin D insufficiency. Our current goal is to see all of our patients with levels above 40 ng/mL. I currently recommend vitamin D3 2,000 International Units (IU) taken once daily for the majority of my patients. The timing of when you take the supplement may also be important as you’ll see in this link:$19779425.php

Speaking of vitamins, we’re just learning about the interactions of common medications and their affects on nutrient absorption. The science is still evolving, but it helps to be aware of potential problems. One interesting post highlighted this issue for diabetics, or other patients using the medication Metformin:

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