It’s All About Balance

Ever thought something was missing and there had to be a better way to live your life? This interesting new book,  “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working,” touches on that very subject with interesting research and realistic ways to restore balance to our lives. Although it falls under the category of a business book, I found the insights completely applicable to our everyday lives. The authors point out that in today’s multi-tasking world no matter how fast we move or how much we try to keep up “it’s never enough.” They promote the significance of Spirit, Mind, Emotions and Body and how they interact and must be addressed if we are to maintain optimal mental and physical health (“By moving rhythmically between activity and renewal in each of these four dimensions, we fulfill our corresponding needs: sustainability, security, self-expression, and significance.”). What I especially enjoyed was how they drew upon aspects of nutrition, exercise and expanding our cerebral powers and how we can sustain and enhance our lives through clear, practical steps. Take the book with you on vacation and settle back for an enjoyable and thoughtful journey. As graduation season is upon us, give a copy to the graduate in your family. Tell them it is one of those books you wished you’d read when you were starting out in the ‘real world.” Who knows? It may change someone’s life in positive ways you didn’t expect and in the process, change your own.

About Steve P. Sanders

A general internist writing and sharing ideas and art.

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